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About Us

Formed in 2013 by Clare Sykes, United Theatre Company was created with the aim of bringing theatre to as many people as possible while staying true to the core values of entertainment at it’s heart.

Their first show “Six” – the emotional labour of love penned over a decade by Clare herself – was met with sell-out audiences and critical acclaim, and it was clear that United had managed to find not only a core cast who were talented and dedicated, but who could capture the public’s imagination.

This was continued over Christmas in the same year as United Theatre performed their first pantomime, again written by Clare Sykes. “Cinderella” was once again met with critical acclaim, the magical twist on the classic Fairytale, dazzling and enthralling both young and old audience members alike.

Claire Sykes – Founder – United Theatre

“United is pure and simple love of theatre”

Talent and dedication are not the only things that are universally held by members of the company, for at the centre of everything and everyone to do with United is the pure and simple love of theatre.

The love of performing, of making people feel something, of making them laugh or cry, is the greatest thread that runs through the fabric of the company.

But there is so much more to United than just theatre – we are a social company, a place where anyone who enjoys any part of theatre (from performing on the stage and helping behind the scenes, all the way to those who just love to watch a good show) can spend time with people who feel the same.

The audience is as much a part of the company as the actors on the boards, as everything we do on stage is to give enjoyment and wonder to those who have come to watch us.

“We are a group, a family…”

We are a group, a family, who have been brought together because of the wonderful world of imagination. Whether this be a fairytale, a drama, a comedy or a tragedy.

We are United Theatre Company.

To hear more about United and keep up to date with shows or announcements please follow us:

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high quality and original drama, at a range of venues that enhance the meaning of the work we do. We strive to have an all inclusive casting process, drawing on talent from a range of backgrounds

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to produce dramatic pieces into the next decade and beyond. We are planning exciting new developments for the '20's. However we also aim to promote the true meaning of the word "United". We unite our members and audiences alike.

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